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Redding, CA - Sundial Bridge (KVIP 98.1 & 98.7 FM/540 AM)


It is amazing to consider that this radio network of 35 signals has seen God’s favor and providence for over 5 decades! In 1970, this ministry was founded with our 2500 watt AM 540 signal here in Redding. Seven years later, KVIP FM 98.1 was brought on air. Today it is the lead signal that feeds into 33 different locations within this network. For many of these areas, Disciple Radio is their singular source for Christian programming. 


At the start of this year, our team was able to locate and purchase our very own building that is located at 290 Lake Boulevard in Northwest Redding.  Now, we must be moved in and broadcasting from our new studios by September 1st. For the last 3 years, our manager and Board of Directors have been searching for an appropriate site. We needed a building that was large enough, zoned correctly to place our antennas, and priced to fit our price range.  Our new building is 1650 square feet, in a high traffic location, and our monthly payments are half of what we’ve been paying in rent.

Many listeners have already donated monies designated towards our “new studio fund”. This was enough to make the down payment and afford to begin remodeling.  We will be purchasing new fencing and security measures, building materials and paying for a project manager to oversee construction. It all must be done by August 15th. Yes, there is much cleanup, installing of new studio furnishings, wiring, painting, and new signage. Pictures will be posted soon at this website as we progress!

If you wish to contribute to help pay future costs, please click on the “yellow” donate button and designate your financial giving with “New Studio Fund”. We covet your prayers for all our staff and workers!  You may also mail a check to:  KVIP Christian Radio 1139 Hartnell Avenue in Redding, CA. 96002. If you have any questions, please phone weekdays between 8 to 3:30.


The ministry of Pacific Cascade Communications “Family of Stations” is here to encourage and equip each other into a growing relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy than sharing this Good News!

***Off Air Signal Notice*** 

At this time, we know that only Heppner, Oregon is still off air. Our engineers have ordered a new cable and once it arrives, a hoist will be used to replace the broken piece. Thank you for letting us know of any off-air events.  If you suspect an issue in your area, please call 1-800-877-5847.  Tell us what signal you listen to and your location. Please describe the problem you are experiencing, such as "static, intermittent loss, low volume, or fuzzy".  Leave a call-back number. We do appreciate a follow-up call when you regain your signal. In the meantime, you can stream the Network or 540-AM signals from this website on the LISTEN LIVE tab.


In God We Trust

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