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Redding, CA - Sundial Bridge (KVIP 98.1 & 98.7 FM/540 AM)


So let the sun shine in and KVIP will face it with a GRIN!! 

Have your heard our announcers talking about how our 2 Redding signals KVIP 540 AM & 98.7 FM will soon be completely powered by Solar Energy? It's all due to our brand new 48-panel array that has been built at our tower site located East of Redding. After reading this article, please scroll down to view pictures of this beautiful structure. Currently, KVIP pays an average monthly power bill to broadcast these signals at about $800.00 per month (OUCH!).  Our financial investment to build this "Green Energy" system will pay for itself in under 5 years. To the best of our knowledge, KVIP now operates Shasta County's first solar-powered radio station!   

These 2 signals broadcast a totally unique format of programming as to what listeners may hear on our sister station KVIP FM 98.1 in Northern California. If you are not already tuning in, please visit our program guides found here at this website. 

As a non-profit radio ministry, the Board of Directors and staff have prayerfully made focused effort to lesson our expenses as we seek to stay within projected yearly budgets. Even after these cost-trimming measures, it became apparent that we needed to look for other creative ways to save monies. Thus, KVIP radio approached a Redding area company named "Top Hat Energy Inc.". Its owner Terry Hufft, who loves this radio ministry, chose to provide this top-quality system at a deeply discounted price.  

Now, here is another tremendous blessing... KVIP has been awarded a financial gift of a $25,000.00 Grant. This was provided by the "Elmer H. Schmidt Christian Broadcast Fund of Community Foundation of the North State" and it has paid for 50% of our cost to acquire this solar array! Also, KVIP wishes to express our appreciation to these listeners who volunteered to help prepare the ground before installation could begin: Mr. Ken Vaughn of Redding gave 2 weeks of his time to clear away all of the brush and trees with his chain saw!  Mr. Thomas Wickware donated the payment for a day rental of a "Bob Cat" that was used to spread 18-yards of gravel to suppress any weeds that may try to grow.  Last but not least, Sol Cranfill, owner of Stumpinator Stump Grinding donated his time and machine to remove 18 stumps below ground level!


Programming change coming to our AM 540 & 98.7 FM Channels starting August 21st:

Parents, let's lesson screen time by starting a new habit of streaming our daily radio dramas!  Every weekday at 4:00pm tune in for these:  MONDAY: Focus Radio Theatre, TUESDAY: Lamplighter Theatre, WEDNESDAY: Brinkman Adventures, THURSDAY: Paws & Tails, FRIDAYS: The Pond. Now, Adventures in Odyssey will be moving on this channel from 4:29 to 5:29pm. Revive our Hearts will move to its new time of 4:30pm. To Stream these from this website, click on the Listen Live button and choose our AM channel. If you are in the Northern California area, tune your radio to 540 AM or 98.7 FM. 

Below is a list of selected churches who provide a radio broadcast to encourage you with weekly sermons.

  • Growing Together Radio Dennis Kriess at Pinegrove Community Church, Roseburg, OR. Airs Sundays at 2 pm on the network FM channel

  • Growing in the Word Jim Jarrett of Redding's Calvary Bible Church. Airs Monday-Fridays at 8:30 am on 98.7 FM or Stream this from our AM channel

  • Little Country Church of Redding, CA. Bryan Blank. Airs Sunday evenings at 6 pm on the network FM channel

  • Living Faith Fellowship of Klamath Falls, OR. Rich O’Toole. Airs 1st, 3rd & 5th Sundays at 3 pm on the network FM channel

  • Grace Baptist Church of Redding, CA. Jon Cook. Airs Saturday at 7 pm on the network FM channel

  • Crosspointe Community Church of Redding, CA. Andrew Scott. Airs Sunday at 11 am on the network FM channel.

  • McKinleyville Baptist Church   Will O'Brien. Airs 1st, 3rd & 5th Saturdays at 6 pm on the Network FM channel

  • Weed Berean Church  Bill Hofer.  Airs 2nd & 4th Saturdays at 6 pm on the Network FM Channel

This is a listener-supported radio ministry with a passion to reach people who live in remote areas. Therefore, we purposed to have our translators in areas that are more isolated. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor with your financial gifts. We are thankful that we do not have the distractions of advertising to clutter our programming with advertising to distract our listeners from hearing God’s Word. For further encouragement, please join us for “Prayer Time” Monday-Friday at 11:45 am on the main Network signal. You are also welcome to send in your prayer requests by calling our studios at 530-222-4455 or 1-800-877-5847.

In His Service, Phil Morrow, General Manager


The ministry of Pacific Cascade Communications “Family of Stations” is here to encourage and equip each other into a growing relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy than sharing this Good News!

***Off Air Signal Notice*** 

Our signal in Lakeview, Oregon is experiencing periodic outages due to signal interferance. As of 9/11/23, our Engineers have diagnosed the problems and repairs are being made.   Other than this, we are not aware of  any other signals being off-air!  Thank you for letting us now of any off-air Events.  If you suspect an issue in your area, please call 1-800-877-5847.  Tell us what signal you listen to and your location. Please describe the problem you are experiencing, such as "static, intermittent loss, low volume, or fuzzy".  Leave a call-back number. We do appreciate a follow-up call when you regain your signal. In the meantime, you can stream the Network or 540-AM signals from this website on the LISTEN LIVE tab.


In God We Trust

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