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Redding, CA - Sundial Bridge (KVIP 98.1 & 98.7 FM/540 AM)


Please invite everyone you know to join in the blessings of hearing the "Christmas Station". Send a text to your missionary friends or non-Christian neighbors and ask them to discover the True Reason for this most wonderful time of the year! These specials may be streamed from this website. Be sure to click on the Listen Live tab and choose our FM channel.  For those in Northern Cal, tune in to 98.1 FM. In December, our music transforms into beautiful Christmas Carols along with new tunes that focus on our Savior's birth!  Yes, it's a Thrill of Hope to know that others' hearts are more open to know the King of Kings. Remember our daily radio dramas at 4:00 PM that air

on our AM Channel. Thank you for listening and Merry Christmas!  

Radio Dramas now airing weekdays on our AM 540 & 98.7 FM Channels:

Every weekday at 4:00pm tune in for these:  MONDAY: Focus Radio Theatre, TUESDAY: Lamplighter Theatre, WEDNESDAY: Brinkman Adventures, THURSDAY: Paws & Tails, FRIDAYS: The Pond. Now, Adventures in Odyssey will be moving on this channel from 4:29 to 5:29pm. Revive our Hearts now airs at 4:30pm. To Stream these from this website, click on the Listen Live button and choose our AM channel. If you are in the Northern California area, tune your radio to 540 AM or 98.7 FM. 


This is a listener-supported radio ministry with a passion to reach people who live in remote areas. Therefore, we purposed to have our translators in areas that are more isolated. Thank you for joining us in this endeavor with your financial gifts. We are thankful that we do not have the distractions of advertising to clutter our programming with advertising to distract our listeners from hearing God’s Word. For further encouragement, please join us for “Prayer Time” Monday-Friday at 11:45 am on the main Network signal. You are also welcome to send in your prayer requests by calling our studios at 530-222-4455 or 1-800-877-5847.

In His Service, Phil Morrow, General Manager


The ministry of Pacific Cascade Communications “Family of Stations” is here to encourage and equip each other into a growing relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ. There is no greater joy than sharing this Good News!

***Off Air Signal Notice*** 

Our signal in Happy Camp, Ca is back on air Friday, November 24.  * PG & E is doing a planned outage to our 101.7 signal in Lakehead, CA on Saturday, 12/02 starting at 9 PM and lasting until Sunday, 12/3 at 9 AM.   Thank you for letting us know of any off-air events.  If you suspect an issue in your area, please call 1-800-877-5847.  Tell us what signal you listen to and your location. Please describe the problem you are experiencing, such as "static, intermittent loss, low volume, or fuzzy".  Leave a call-back number. We do appreciate a follow-up call when you regain your signal. In the meantime, you can stream the Network or 540-AM signals from this website on the LISTEN LIVE tab.


In God We Trust

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