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Our Saturday Magazine guests for May 27, 2023 were Duffy Johnson who is the director of Luis Palau Festival Events and Pastor Troy Roberts from Foothills Christian Fellowship in Klamath Falls. They joined us to share about what process was taken to bring the festival to Klamath Falls and some of what will be going on at their fairgrounds on May 27. For more information on the festival in Klamath Falls, visit their website

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Our Saturday Magazine guests for March 18, 2023 were Gary Strickler who is the coordinator and leader of the Grief Share program at Grace Baptist Church of Redding and Sam Hodges who is the President of Grief Share’s parent ministry Church Initiative. They joined us to share about Grief Share and how it can help listeners who may be struggling in taking steps forward with their grieving process. For more information on joining or starting a group, visit their website

Pastor Colin Duffy, lead pastor of the 1st Church of the Nazarene in Redding, California, and the reginal Ministry Consultant for Upward Sports Scott Beidler joined us to discuss the ministry that Upward Sports provides and how churches are using these tools to provide kids the opportunity to learn the joy of sports in a Christian environment. You will also hear some testimonies from those who have attended, the history of this Christian sports program, and some of the new things that will be going on in 2023. Learn more at

Saturday Magazine 02/18/2023 - KVIP Radio

Wendy Reasner, Director of the Northstate Care Clinic in Redding, joined us to highlight the plans for their new Mobile Unit that will be traveling to communities offering free Ultrasounds and counseling. Brad Mattes, the President and host of the Life Issues Institute National Ministry, also phoned in and issued a call for the Church of our Lord to step up and make stronger efforts to reach out to young people in crisis pregnancy situations who have chosen to keep their babies and need our support.

Saturday Magazine 01/28/2023 - KVIP Radio

Since 1998, Jerry Stewart has been telling the true stories of America. He has a passion to give tribute to the American heroes who have gone before us. Many of Jerry’s stories have been broadcasted on this station. We are thankful that Jerry did a special interview with our beloved Pastor Royal Blue highlighting his World War II experiences, which had been broadcasted on more than 400 Christian stations in America. Pastor Blue was one of the original founders of KVIP and continued to serve as Board President up until his passing in August 2021. Please invite your friends to listen to this podcast.

Saturday Magazine 11/5/2022 - KVIP Radio

Director Wendy Reasner and Client Services Coordinator Connie English from Care Net Pregnancy Center joined us to share the exciting news about their new Mobile Care Clinic that is soon to be traveling to nearby communities. Connie also talks about how Christians may partner as volunteers to help save the lives of the pre-born. After listening, please visit their website for more details:

Saturday Magazine 10/01/2022 - KVIP Radio

Pastor Brian Kluth from the Bless Your Pastor movement joined us to share some information on how listeners can bless their pastors now until the end of November! Joining him are two of our radio pastors, Dennis Kriess from Roseburg and Rich O'Toole from the Living Faith Fellowship in Klamath Falls, to share testimony on how their congregants have blessed them in years past. After listening to this, please visit the website

Saturday Magazine 9/24/2022 - KVIP Radio

David Thompson and Paul Abbot from Shasta Thrive joined us to share some of what they do to help the homeless of Redding. Joining them to share his experience of how Shasta Thrive helped him to end his homelessness is Michael Williamson. If you would like to hear more testimony’s or get more information after listening, please visit the website

Saturday Magazine 9/10/2022 - KVIP Radio

Kim Hawkins from the Redding Parkinson’s Support Group joined us to explain the dynamics of Parkinson’s disease and the benefits and blessings she and her group provide to those with Parkinson’s and their families. Joining her to share from the perspective of a caregiver to someone with Parkinson’s is John Rabjohn. If you would like more information after listening, you can contact Kim by calling (530) 945-7628.

Saturday Magazine 8/27/2022 - KVIP Radio

The award-winning radio production team of Unshackled (the program that makes you face yourself and think) has created this special audio version of 2 famous sermon tracts written by John Charles Ryles.  This brother in Christ became the first Bishop of Liverpool at the age of 64 and died in the year 1900.

What you are about to hear are two recordings of his written compositions entitled Are you Ready? and Fire, Fire!  After this, a sample of the broadcast Story Teller Radio that airs on our Network FM channel Sunday mornings at 2:00 AM.

Saturday Magazine 8/20/2022KVIP Radio
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